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Watch Dogs 2 Release Date Leaked Before E3 2016?

It is confirmed that Aiden Pearce will not make it to Watch Dogs 2, but when exactly will that happen? It looks like the Watch Dogs 2 release date has been leaked!

And we know it is legit!

Our folks at IGN somehow put up a campaign ad skin on their website a couple of days before it was time. It looks like they were given the ad skin for Watch Dogs 2 that had a release date mentioned on it, suggesting that the skin was supposed to go live after the developers revealed the game and its release date officially.

However, someone put it up beforehand, letting everyone know that Watch Dogs 2 release date is November 15, 2016.

Watch Dogs 2 Release Date Outed!

There is hardly any doubt in the legitimacy of this, because it is standard procedure for the publishers to start marketing campaigns of their games on different websites like us, sometimes they mention the release dates on the ads, but those usually go up after the date is officially announced, keeping the publication under an NDA until then.

Even we have to bottle down the urges many times.

Watch Dogs 2 Release Date

Before this, Ubisoft has been sending out gift boxes to a selection of online publications while preparing everything for the (almost confirmed) reveal of the game.

Developers have promised that the game is going to have a new tone to it, something which is pretty much clear from the removal of Aiden Pearce.

We are seriously interested in things that Ubisoft has changed with Watch Dogs 2 since the first game was a shame as compared to how hyped it was.

Anyhow, if the Watch Dogs 2 release date is set in mind-November we will have plenty of time to figure out how we feel about it.