Sunset Overdrive PC Version Rumors Are Back Again From a “Solid Source”

Rumors about Sunset Overdrive PC version have been there since as long as we have known that the game is an exclusive to Xbox One. Even back in 2014 a poster had surfaced that referred to the game as an Xbox One and PC title.

Now, another rumor is being circulated over at NeoGAF that is based on a poster again, however, we want to clarify here that the poster which is being shared online these days suggesting the game is getting a PC version is two years old.

It is the same poster we mentioned above, and the same one that Mike Ybarra referred to as a “mistake,” reiterating that the game has no PC version.

However, what we have at hand is another rumor that is unrelated to this one.

Leaker Enter the Dragon Punch, the same guy who is the source of the Dead Rising 4 rumor alongside Shinobi as well as the source of the newly surfaced hints at a Skyrim Remaster reveal for E3 2016, has also talked about Sunset Overdrive PC version.

He claimed that “Sunset Overdrive is coming to PC” while discussing another topic and reaffirmed what he said upon being asked if he was sure. Naturally, he was asked where was he getting this from, and naturally, he swayed away saying it came from “a very, very solid source.”

Sunset Overdrive PC version has also been seen listed on Amazon alongside Forza Horizon 2 backk in the end of 2014 – the latter came out and became old news but we are still in the dark about the former.

Will you be interested in playing the game on PC? Wouldn’t it be a bad practice for console makes to let go of their Xbox One exclusives? Or would you rather follow Microsoft’s UWP lead on this?