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Skyrim Remaster To Be Revealed at E3 2016 by Bethesda [Rumor]

A couple of hours ago it was rumored that Bethesda Softworks is going to show off at least one remaster at their E3 2016 conference, and now we have another rumor suggesting that the reveal is actually going to be for the much awaited Skyrim Remaster version.

Morrowind, Oblivion or Skyrim Remaster? Of course Skyrim!

What really happened was that known industry insider Shinobi initially teased that a remaster will be announced a the showfloor but that was all he shared with us. Since Shinobi is a known insider we were led to give him some credibility.

This was followed shortly by another claim by GAF based insider, Enter the Dragon Punch, who is also the same guy that corroborated with Shinobi for the Dead Rising 4 rumor from yesterday.

In a thread discussing whether the announcement could bring us the Skyrim Remaster, Enter the Dragon Punch pinched in saying that “it is real” and also that the remastered version of the game is going to be a complete package.

Apparently, it is going to bring us all the downloadable content packs that were released to the original game coupled with, expectedly, much improved visuals, which is something a remaster will be unworthy without.

That is not all, the insider also says that we are going to get complete mod support and all the mods from the original release too! This last part about the game is really exciting, with Bethesda merging the lines between PC and consoles when it comes to mods, we can well imagine how things will change.

In the end, do remember that despite being reputed insiders, these are not the official sources, the Skyrim Remaster rumor might or might not turn out to be true.