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New Rocket League Rare Items And Trade-In System Coming Later This Month

Developer Psyonix has dropped new updates for Rocket League like leafs in Autumn, and there is no sign of them stopping. This time they have brought Rocket League Rare items and a new trade-in system.

These features will be available by the end of the month, and will expand on Item Attribute System. According to Psyonix, they are specifically expanding their online drop pool with Rare and Very Rare customization items.

These new set of items, including rare decals for cars, some very rare boost trails and a game’s meta themed inspired rare item which will be revealed next week, will be obtainable through online matches.

The second feature which is introduced to the game is the new trade-in system. With this June update players will be able to trade-in five uncommon or rare items at a time, to get one item of the next highest quality. In simple words if you trade-in five uncommon items you will receive one rare item.

To use the trade-in system after the implementation of the update, just go to manage inventory option in the garage sub menu, and select the items you want to trade-in and confirm your selection.

The developer also intends to implement player-to-player trade-in system with a later update.

We plan to implement Player-to-Player Trading in a later update. Some items, like those with “Painted” or “Certified” attributes, may become much more valuable if you can trade them to other players. The “Trade-In System” is designed to let you get rid of unwanted or duplicate items, but you should consider carefully what you trade now versus what you might want to keep for future player-trading opportunities.

The Rocket League rare items will be available later this month and the trade-in system is now live.

Source: Rocketleaguegame.