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Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 Servers Going Down on August 25

Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 will have its servers shut down by Konami on August 25, signing the death warrant of the game’s online community. The shutdown will not only wipe your online progress in the game, but will also get rid of all of your GP and your myClub coins.

So, if you have any of that stuff still and you’re not spending them, you need to do it fast if you still have Pro Evolution Soccer 2015.

It’s rather odd that Konami is shutting the game’s servers down so soon: the game only came out two years ago, back in November of 2014, and Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 is still in the running. It may be that Konami wants to prepare for Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 which will be coming out in a few months, and so doesn’t want any older PES games getting in its way.

What makes it weird, however, is that EA Sports’s FIFA games, the most direct competitor to the Pro Evolution Soccer games, keeps their servers up for way longer. This could impact PES 2017’s sales in the future.

Consumers may be more inclined to get a game that is guaranteed to still be up online in two years, rather than another game going the way of Pro Evolution Soccer 2015.

Some people may say that the games coming out yearly would invalidate the previous game already, but at least most of those games have online support for several more years, rather than getting thrown into the garbage at the first opportunity.

Maybe this is just another way that Konami is going nuts; making more and more bad business decisions may eventually get the company shut down (and then we can all breathe a sigh of relief), or if that’s not enough, they can at least lose their AAA gaming licenses and instead start focusing exclusively on things like pachinko.