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Injustice 2 Posters Leak Before Game Gets Announced

A group of Injustice 2 posters have been leaked before the game was even announced, so Ed Boone’s teasing has definitely had something behind it to confirm that we will have an Injustice: Gods Among Us 2 at E3 this year.

The teasing has been going on for around two weeks now, but it seems to be confirmed today.

The GameStop poster in question was leaked to Polygon, and shows Batman with armor that has green designs on it, fighting another hero that is definitely the Flash. The tagline down at the bottom underneath “Injustice 2” reads “Every Battle Defines You”, so we may be looking at another story of heroes going over to the dark side.

Now that the Injustice 2 posters are out, Ed Boone has also dropped his teasing and has instead published a list of people and groups invited to the reveal. These include President Obama, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Oprah, and George Clooney.

GameStop was also invited but apparently the leak’s gotten their invitation revoked. Boone just went “¯\_(ツ)_/¯” in explanation.


Anyway, now that the Injustice 2 posters have finally confirmed that an Injustice 2 game is actually in production, all that’s left is to wait for an announcement trailer. We’ll most likely get one at E3 2016, and hopefully it will be awesome and be able to get some more people back on DC’s side after Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice was ripped apart by a lot of people and Suicide Squad is also being looked at warily.

Hopefully with the success that Mortal Kombat X had (in contrast to the Injustice story mode that got ripped apart by critics), NetherRealm studios will be able to make a story mode just as good for Injustice 2, not to mention making the multiplayer even more fun and over-the-top than the first game was.