FIFA 17 Commentators Are Getting A Shakeup

For nearly ten years, ever since the release of FIFA 08, the commentators Hervé Mathoux and Franck Sauzée have commentated on the matches in the games. However, this will now be coming to an end, as the FIFA 17 commentators, while keeping Mathoux, will now have Pierre Menes as his counterpart in the commentary booth.

The decision was announced yesterday by EA Sports, and marks the end of an era in FIFA video gaming. Sauzée, a retired French footballer that played for the French national team 39 different times, not to mention playing for and briefly managing the Scottish football club Hibernian, offered a voice of nearly unparalleled experience to FIFA commentary.

Menes, historically a commentator on the Canal Football Club TV show in France, will be joining Mathoux as FIFA 17 commentators when the game releases later this year. While many players thought of Mathoux and Sauzée as a constant in the FIFA series, EA Sports has decided to break them up for EA. Menes, who is known just as much for his sports commentary as his entrenched positions on football, will hopefully be a good fit.

However, Menes has gotten a large amount of criticism from a variety of sources in France, including that he’s a polemicist: a journalist or other writer that criticizes a specific position while supporting another. He also criticized French left middle Florent Malouda, which earned him a great deal of anger from the man’s fans. He’s also been accused of sexism.

How fans will react to the change in the FIFA 17 commentators remains to be seen, but hopefully Menes will do a good job and be able to be able to make a good impression on FIFA players, and maybe even get away from his rather divisive reputation in France.

FIFA 17 is slated to come out on September 27 on the Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, and PC.