Fan Made Star Wars Battlefront 3 Remake Could Land in Trouble, Says Legal Advisor

Valve Corporation has struck a deal with the developers of the fan made Star Wars Battlefront 3 remake, Galaxy in Turmoil, meaning that they are now officially releasing the game on Steam. However, it is still an unofficial project, being made by people who don’t own the rights to do this.

The president of Frontwire, the development studio behind it, Tony Romanelli has said that they are not going to have any problem, but some legal experts of the industry disagree with him, what’s more, they are calling it insanity!

While explaining what he thinks is going to keep them safe, Romanelli had said that the game would fall in the parody law and fair usage categories, however, Ryan Morrison, a legal expert at Morrison / Lee says that this will ruin lives because it does not fall under fair usage and it does not fall under parody law:

This game is in no way fair use. It actually infuriates me to see people spreading such terrible misinformation throughout various websites, especially journalists, because it encourages other developers to do the same. It quite literally ruins lives. It doesn’t take more than a five second Google search to see this game has nothing to do with parody law. And if you further examine fair use, you will see it is a defense, not a right.

Romanelli has also said that since they are not charging anything, their Star Wars Battlefront 3 Remake will not have a problem. However Morrison refutes this standpoint too, free to play model does not ensure that what they are doing is fair usage, it is insanity, he says:

Not charging for your product is a factor in fair use, but not the end all be all. You can’t just remake a game start to finish, utilizing every asset of the original, and pretend it’s okay because it’s free. After so many games have been taken down over similar [circumstances], and after so many developers’ lives have been ruined from this, it’s just the definition of insanity at this point.

Are you hoping that the Star Wars Battlefront 3 Remake, Galaxy in Turmoil, would make it past the troubles they could face with Disney?