Everything in Pokemon Sun and Moon You Don’t Know About

There are a number of details about Pokemon Sun and Moon that are yet to be revealed, the two trailers have been greedily packed with information, and so a lot has been left out.

However, The Pokemon Company has essentially shared more with us than what meets the eye. We did a story on the hidden secrets and details that were included in the complete Alola region map recently, as well as the Solgaleo and Lunaala gameplay from the past few days, but there is more to it.

We have made a video collection of 13 different details that you might have missed out about Pokemon Sun and Moon so far, including some Gyms, some abilities like Soar and Surf, as well as some locations that might be used in the plans of the evil team.

Everything is provided in the video above with markings pointing out to specific places on the map which are related to the details in question.

There are numerous other rumors that are yet to be confirmed or rejected by Game Freak, like the existence of Seagallops, Amiibos, burst evolutions, battle spectators and whatnot. However, we will get to them in another video.