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Blizzard Releases Details For Overwatch Competitive Play

Now that the Overwatch competitive play mode is finally coming out this month, Blizzard has finally released details for the new mode for the public to read. Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan has taken it upon himself to explain about what all will be in the game when the mode comes out.

For one thing, the game won’t be too similar to the way that ranked play was organized during the Overwatch beta. While ranked play during the beta was more progression-based, player feedback persuaded Blizzard to change how Overwatch competitive play worked.

The system was something like the progression system in Hearthstone, with a monthly reset that would allow players to go through the ranks multiple times to get more experience.

Players in that mode would have been making their way through ranks from Challenger to Heroic. However, players could not drop back down the list.

Now, players in the Overwatch competitive play mode will be going up and down the ranks according to their performance. If you win games, you go up in rank.

If you lose games, you’ll go down. This will make it much more difficult for people to climb the ranks, and not everyone will be able to make it to Heroic. The ranked seasons will also be much longer than in Hearthstone, being two and a half months instead of one month.

With both console versions of Overwatch also having separate balances done in each version of the game, a player may also not be able to get to as high of a level on one console as they would on another. Blizzard has also entertained the possibility of cross-platform play.

Kaplan did say that there were many more things that would be going on later before Overwatch competitive play releases, but these were what the community seemed most focused on during the game’s beta.