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Most Battlefield 1 Weapons to Have Bayonets, Scopes Can Be Customized, Snipers Would Love It

Battlefield 1 weapons will feature bayonets that would help players in melee combat. Melee combat will be a huge part of the game, apart from melee weapons, guns will feature knife like entities that would help stab enemies.

What’s interesting is that scopes of weapons can be customized, there range can be increased and decreased by using different scopes. Moreover, there would be skins in the game which is a very interesting thing to hear because it is a World War 1 game.

EA DICE is working hard to make sure they deliver an authentic experience and skins would need to be in line with the game’s setting. EA DICE will be talking more about the skins in the coming months.

EA DICE further mentioned that Snipers would have a major role to play and those who prefered being a Sniper in previous games would appreciate how Battlefield 1 weapons handle and feel. EA DICE mentioned that Snipers would need to adjust their positions and make sure they either don’t get to too close or too far from the target.

More details on Battlefield 1 weapons are expected at EA PLAY.

EA is skipping E3 this year and it hosting its own event. EA PLAY is being hosted on June 12, Sunday. Many of EA upcoming and unannounced projects would be at EA PLAY. Bioware recently hyped Mass Effect Andromeda, saying that it would blow us away.

And of course, Battlefield 1 will be at EA PLAY.

DICE is bringing its famous 64 player multiplayer to Battlefield 1 that would be complete mayhem on the map. Multiplayer reveal is set for June 12 as well.

Battlefield 1 is releasing for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC this October. Pre orders are now live on Origin, PSN and Xbox Live Store.