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65 Percent Twitter Users Are Gamers, Spend A lot on Gaming

Twitter has released some pretty interesting stats about its users, and what makes them talking on the social media site. According to the latest reports almost 65 percent Twitter users are gamers, and 55 percent of that audience plays regularly on consoles.

E3 will take place next week and the social network site is expecting that developers, fans and publishers will make it the most tweeted event of the year. Twitter also notes that people using its service have highest spending demographics in gaming industry.

Game fans were among the first to join this social media site in the last decade, and these users have grown from tens to hundreds of millions. Now the company hopes to highlight its engagement with game fans in order to increase its revenue from the marketing campaigns.

Given that 65 percent Twitter users are gamers, this social media site will play an essential role for marketeers who are looking for ways to stand out at E3.

Twitter also revealed that gamers using their website spend more on games compared to the wider audience. About 30 percent of gamers who don’t use Twitter spend more than $100 on games every year. While 35 percent of gamers on Twitter spend more than $100 annually.

Most of the new games create an account on Twitter, and 78 percent of the gaming audience learned more about the game by following the account. Among that 78%, there are 81 percent of them own at-least one console, and 53 percent of them made the purchase in last 12 months. According to Twitter 40 percent intend to buy a console next year.

Finally Twitter released a graph depicting that when ever a trailer or game releases, gamers start to tweet about it.

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According to Twitter almost half people who have interest in gaming like to see game trailer, gameplay and screenshot, while the 44 percent like to see behind and the scenes and bonus content.