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New Xbox One Preview Update with Cortana Goes Live; Changelog Inside

One of the first and foremost benefits of being in the Xbox One preview update program is that you get to try out everything new that is happening to the console before everyone else. This latest patch also adds a load of new features to the console, although it is just a few lucky preview members who are able to try it out.

The patch is rolling out now for preview, and Microsoft has also shared a list of changes that have been made. Needless to say, the highlight of the patch is Cortana.

The virtual assistant named after a loved in-game virtual assistant from Halo is something people have wanted updates of for a while now. With the new Xbox One preview update, people are able to ask her for various things in natural language.

While details on new Cortana features have been shared below with the other patch notes for the Xbox One preview update, Microsoft has also shared how you can start using Cortana as well as some things you should try.

New Xbox One Preview Update – Cortana and More

New Experiences and  Features:

  • Kinect owners can ask Cortana about things like time, weather, and sports scores. For example:
    • “Hey Cortana, what time is it”?
    • “Hey Cortana, will I need a jacket today?
    • “Hey Cortana, did the Golden State Warriors win yesterday?”
  • Use Cortana and voice commands from your headset; no Kinect needed!
  • Cortana supports natural language instead of the use of specific phrases or commands. Just say “Hey Cortana” and ask her a question or give her a command!
  • View detailed information about games and apps being downloaded in the Queue.
  • You’ll notice several sort options at the top of Games, Apps, and Ready to Install. You can use these to sort, filter, and increase or decrease the size of tiles.
  • You can now customize what is shared in the Activity Feed by navigating to Settings > Preferences > Activity Feed.
  • The Xbox Store has been redesigned! You’ll now find more detailed information about games, apps, movies, TV shows, and more in the new Store.

Doing Stuff With Cortana:

  • To get started you can just say “Hey Cortana”. You can also launch Cortana from Snap Center in the Guide, or from My Games & Apps.
  • Cortana works with headsets. If you don’t have a Kinect just plug in a headset and start using speech on your console.
  • Cortana also understands you when you speak naturally, and will recognize commands you’re already familiar with. Just say “Hey Cortana” instead of “Xbox” for commands you already use. For instance you can say “Hey Cortana, go home” in place of “Xbox go home”.

Things to Try:

  • Launch a game or app by saying “Hey Cortana, open {game/app name}” or something fun like “Hey Cortana, let’s play {game name}”.
  • Check on what a friend is up to without pausing your game by saying “Hey Cortana, what is {friend name} up to?”
  • Invite a friend to a party with a single phrase by saying “Hey Cortana, invite {friend name} to a party.
  • Search the web with “Hey Cortana, search the web for Xbox One”.

The new Xbox One preview update is pretty big, as you can see, but it also comes with a host of known issues – some would say that the known issues are bigger than most preview updates that have been released before, so you have been warned.