Xbox One Preview Summer Update to Bring Cortana on Xbox One, 60 FPS Recording, and More

Microsoft has announced a new Xbox One Preview update which is scheduled to go live for the Preview Members in the coming weeks.

The Xbox One Preview update will not roll out for everyone at once. According to Microsoft, the said update will begin rolling out starting this summer.

A brief summary of all the features scheduled to go live with the update can be found below:

Cortana on Xbox One
With the upcoming preview update, Cortana will come to Xbox One. You will be able to interact with Cortana both using headsets or Kinect. With Cortana, you will be able to find new games, find your friends’ activities, start a party, and more.

Xbox One Preview Summer Update #4

New Game Collection Interface
With the New Game Collection Interface, you will be able to quickly navigate through all your games, find ‘Ready to Install’ games, and games in your queue.

Xbox One Preview Summer Update #3

Find Xbox Live Friends Through Facebook
Another feature being added with the upcoming Xbox One Preview update is the ability to find your Facebook friends on Xbox Live. Furthermore, you will also receive new Friends Suggestions based on your Xbox Live and Facebook accounts.

Improved Sharing
With the upcoming update, Microsoft has made it easy for you to share your Online Achievements, video clips, and screenshots with the online community. You will be able to directly share your game clips and screenshots to Twitter.

Xbox One Preview Summer Update #2

Game Bar 60 FPS Recording
Using the ‘Very High’ quality setting in Xbox App, you will now be able to record your game clips in up to 60 Frames per Second – in addition to 30 Frames per Second – from the Game Bar by pressing Windows + G.

Xbox One Preview Summer Update #1

Dedicated PC Games Hub on Xbox One
It does not matter whether you are on PC, Xbox One, or smartphone, you will be able to see what PC games your friends are playing. In addition to this, you will also be able to share your PC games video clips and screenshots with the Xbox Live online community.

Xbox One Preview Summer Update

There are a whole lot of other features that will roll out with Xbox One Preview Update coming this summer. You can head over to for more information!