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Updated Release of Killer Instinct Retail Version Outed Online

It looks like an updated version of 2013’s fighting title Killer Instinct is in the works, if an online retailer listing is to be believed. Don’t get mad yet, there is a reason why this could be legitimate.

To start off, the supposed updated version of the game also has a new boxart that the website has uploaded. Usually, when a retailer is just putting in a placeholder, the first thing they lack is the new boxart.

Since this listing has one – and it is new – it suggests that maybe we are talking about something real. That is not all, the retailer has also listed the contents on the retail release of the game.

Killer Instinct Retail Version Updated Release Contents

  • All the killer content from Seasons 1-3
  • 26 fighters including Shadow Jango
  • 20 stages, visually dramatically improved
  • All costumes, accessories, alternate colors
  • KL Classic 1 and 2
  • Exclusive behind the scenes footage, interviews and artwork
  • Original soundtrack

The retailer in question is Raru, a known South African company which also mentioned the price and the price of the re-release. According to them, the Killer Instinct re-release version will cost R609 discounted to R604 (roughly $40 USD according to the foreign exchange rates right now).

As far as the release date is concerned, if Raru has gotten everything right then they will also be right about the August 30, 2016 release date.

Oh and they were also taking preorders for the Killer Instinct Season 1 – 3 retail release, until they suddenly decided to take down the game from their website. Here’s a screenshot though:

Killer Instinct Season 1-3 Retail re-release

Could the removal of the listing mean that they had put it up beforehand, or that someone was just messing around with the KI fans? We’ll find out pretty soon.