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Troll Loses $50,000 to Twitch Streamers, Denied a Refund

Trolls are everywhere on the internet, with a brain of a peanut and access to internet they roam the digital realm. Some of these trolls makes you want to commit murder but since we can’t do that, we enjoy the moments of their agony.

One such sweet moment was provided to us by a Twitch Troll named “iNexus_Ninja.” This person, unbelievably, donated $50,000 in total to various Twitch streamers.

He donated $1000 to $1500 to each streamer, his plan was to make them ecstatic but demanding a chargeback via PayPal a month later. PayPal denied a refund so this lunatic lost $50,000 – hah! the sweet troll tears.

You may wonder why would someone in his/her right mind would do such a thing? Well, he is 18 and it looks like he belongs to a very well-off family. His Twitter profile shows that he is buying random people free copies of video games. He is a spoiled brat yet to understand the value of money and I doubt this incident will teach him a lesson.

Those $50,000 could have brought food and shelter for the homeless, medications for those who can’t afford treatment but instead he wasted it on a failed trolling attempt.