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The Technomancer Companions Introduced; Romancing, Progression Discussed

We know about the life and death situations on the wasteland of Mars that Technomancer is going to bring us, however, the Technomancer companions are something we still need a lot more information about.

They are the “ragged band of companions to fight at your side” that you can arm with items that you can loot or also craft.

Out in the wastelands you can take two of the companions with you that you can choose on the basis of their fighting style or talents like crafting, scientific knowledge, or lockpicking. The developers have introduced us to some of the Technomancer companions as well.

First Three Technomancer Companions:

  • Scott: Scott is one of Zachariah’s oldest friends. He is a scientist, doctor, and eccentric who suffers from a crippling alcohol addiction.
  • Amelia: Amelia is an expedition driver with a lot of experience on the road. Adventuring is in her blood, so she loves to learn about lost cities and relics from before the Turmoil.
  • Phobos: Phobos is a strong and powerful mutant who only desires for his people to be united. Unlike most mutants, he is well-educated and sees a light wherever there’s darkness. The passion he has for his people is unrivalled, so it would be a bad idea to mistreat them in his presence.

While explaining what kind of people these companions are going to be, the developers clarified that not everyone is going to be willing to work with you, they will always ask for your help with their own agendas too – one thing that adds more time to the gameplay.

Just like the main character will level up, so will the Technomancer companions, they also have their own inventory allowing you to upgrade their gear. Being a crafter you also get to upgrade their personal equipment.

Technomancer Companions 2

Last but not the least, the developers have revealed that each of the companion has the chance of bringing in a level of romance to the story as well:

The choices you make on Mars will not only change the course of the planet, but will affect your companions as well. If your decisions consistently upset a member of your group, they may leave you behind. On the other hand, impress them enough and friendships or romances can blossom.

For a visual update on the Technomancer companions, check out this trailer where you can also learn more about the game’s combat system as well as boss fights.