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Is Rockstar Games Bringing The Agent Game to E3 2016? Trademark Renewed

The first artwork of Rockstar Games’ the Agent game came out way back in 2011, they even left an Easter Egg for it in GTA 5! However nothing solid related to it has ever come out although the game was originally announced way back in 2007.

Ever since then, they have been awfully quiet about the game, and all we know is that it is a stealth action game taking you to “the world of counter-intelligence, espionage and political assassinations” in the Cold War era.

The Agent Game Coming to E3 2016?

With E3 2016 looming closer than ever, it looks like we might finally get an update on the game because Take Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar Games, has recently renewed the game’s registered trademarks – something they had done back in 2013 and 2014 too.

Obviously, keeping your owned trademarks is common for companies but the underlying fact is that it is done mostly for the trademarks that are either in active use or will be in the near future.

Since the publisher has renewed the trademark so close to E3 2016, it is giving us hope that they might feature the Agent game at the event.

There are other reasons why this could be the case. Some hints have been dropped by the developers late in 2015 that give weightage to the expectations. Firstly, in September 2015 it was teased that Rockstar Games is working on an “Asymmetrical Cooperative Stealth” game, which falls in the same genre as Agent.

Then about six months ago the developers had released artwork for the Agent game showing off what it looks or looked like… because people were also presuming that the game has been canned.

Anyhow, all we have for now are speculations, and we are sure Rockstar Games will not be doing anything to clear them up any time before E3 2016.