Overwatch Cross Platform Play: Blizzard Keeping An Eye on Possibilities for PS4, Xbox One

Whether you were there to add more to the 119 million hours of game time that has been clocked in by Overwatch players in the first couple of days, the lack of Overwatch cross platform play ensured that you were doing it alongside players from your own brand of consoles and not the rival’s.

Also whether you agree that there is a lack of value in Overwatch or not, it doesn’t change the fact that people are going crazy about this game by millions, and the ability to experience it together with PS4 and Xbox One users is definitely a major demand.

However, currently there is no cross platform play in the game whether we talk about it between Xbox One and PC like Rocket League or between both the consoles.

The official Twitter profile of the game is where fans are currently voicing opinions, as always, so that is where we have picked up that the development studio behind the game, Blizzard Entertainment is not just saying no to the feature adamantly, they are actually looking at different possibilities.

This suggests that maybe they are looking towards Sony and Microsoft to clarify what they want to do about the much demanded Overwatch cross platform play between PS4 and Xbox One – a feature that has been in talks previously, and about which Sony has even said that they are “open minded.”

Anyhow, the reason why we are saying that Overwatch cross platform play really has a solid chance is because otherwise Blizzard Entertainment would have reacted to the aforementioned question the way they responded to a question about PS4 and PC cross platform play i.e. with a big no.

Here’s hoping for a good news regarding Overwatch cross platform play feature between PS4 and Xbox One at least.