There Might Be a Crackdown 3 Delay, Technical Issues?

With E3 2016 fast approaching the summer gaming news avalanche is bringing all sorts of leaks, teases, announcements, and more. Now, a possible Crackdown 3 delay has placed one hotly anticipated game in jeopardy. Crackdown 3, announced at E3 2014, promised a return to the qualities that made the first Crackdown game such an enjoyable experience.

Crackdown 3 has been shown to use a complicated system of cloud computing in order to facilitate the destruction of entire buildings, along with any buildings around them.

The engine, called the Cloudgine, would have also governed the physics rendering and modeling of the city. However, a lack of news about Crackdown coming has brought up the possibility of a Crackdown 3 delay.

The reasons for a Crackdown 3 delay could be many and varied. It may be a problem with the Cloudgine, which is keeping Reagent Games, the developers of Crackdown 3, from making progress on the game. Another problem might be that the technology that the game is using is actually not up to what the Crackdown 3 dream wants from it.

This could prevent the destruction engine from (for now) being able to actually show the sort of destruction that Reagent Games is looking to show players for Crackdown 3.

Some more reasons for the Crackdown 3 delay might have been posted on the Game Informer website, where a poster claimed that the game’s technology was unable to facilitate the destructible environment either on the client side or on the server side, which would be a crippling blow to a lot of the game’s appeal.

The same poster also said that the game’s hardware was not at the level required to put everything in the game, which is further delaying it.

The reason for the rumors of a Crackdown 3 delay might also be completely innocent: that Reagent is just clamping down on any possible news until the game can be revealed even more at E3.