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Gran Turismo Sport Livery Editor, Customization Options and More

Why wouldn’t the car liveries and the Gran Turismo Sport Livery Editor be highly important to the people looking forward to it when the game clearly has the potential of being the hottest in terms of visuals! The game is targetting 1080p and 60FPS, at which we are sure those customized bodies of yoour cars are going to look just amazing.

While you are preparing to show off your customization skills, you are, for the first time ever in the history of the Gran Turismo franchise, going to get a Livery Editor.

Fans wanted a taste of it but were not given any the last time the game was putup to test at East London’s Copper Box Arena, near the Olympic Park. Then, after keeping the fans waiting for some time, a trailer was released.

However, this trailer was not as explanatory as you would expect and people really started having questions about the level of control we are going to get on the Gran Turismo Sport Livery Editor.

Game producer Kazunori Yamauchi has responded to this, revealing and explaining two different aspects of the editor and its customization tools. When you finally get customize stuff, you will not only be able to choose stickers from a list of options but also create your own stickers – that last part is going to go down so well with the community!

There will be two steps in that, where the first step is really a system by which you can take stickers from a sticker library, and project them onto the cars, and then the next step beyond that is being able to design those stickers yourself. So it’ll consist of those two separate tools.

While getting the Gran Turismo Sport Livery Editor is a definite upside, the downside is that the gmae might not even have a conventional singeplayer career mode. It has also been confirmed that dynamic weather and time have been given up in favor of better FPS on the gameplay.

Are you excited about the game or the lack of must have features is turning you away?