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Gamers Are As Smart As Mathematicians: MIT Research

If your parents are complaining that games are making you dumb and are affecting your grades, you need to show them this new MIT research study. According to MIT, gamers could be as smart as mathematicians.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology claims that beating Super Mario Brothers game is just as complicated as solving complex mathematical problems within seconds.

According to a paper published by MIT:

Mathematically, video games are not very different from computational models of real-world physical systems, and the tools used to prove complexity results in one could be adapted to the other

Super Mario Brothers released decades ago and it would be interesting to see just how complex modern day games are. Especially, games like Minecraft, new Super Mario games etc.

the problem of solving a level in “Super Mario Brothers” is as hard as the hardest problems in the “complexity class” PSPACE, meaning that it’s even more complex than the traveling-salesman problem, or the problem of factoring large numbers, or any of the other hard problems belonging to the better-known complexity class NP.

It is a very interesting study, head over the link above to further read up on what MIT has to say.