Final Fantasy 12 Remaster: The Zodiac Age Coming In 2017

Square Enix confirmed the long rumored Final Fantasy 12 remaster version earlier today.

Titled as Final Fantasy 12 Remaster: The Zodiac Age, the game is scheduled to release for Playstation 4 system in Japan sometime next year in 2017.

Square Enix has also released some in-game screenshots and an official teaser trailer which can be seen attached above.

Moreover, SE has also confirmed that the game will use the International Zodiac Job System for levelling up. This will essentially change the way characters are levelled up in the game since each one of them has a fixed role in the party.

Interestingly enough, although Square Enix has only confirmed Final Fantasy 12 Remaster: The Zodiac Age for Japan, the HUD and subtitles seen in the screenshots are all in English. This indirectly goes out to confirm that the game will indeed land in West some time later.

Moreover, given the amount of Final Fantasy games already available on PC, it does not make a whole lot of sense to keep Final Fantasy 12 Remaster: The Zodiac Age a Playstation 4 exclusive title.

Final Fantasy 12 Remaster is the latest entry of Final Fantasy remaster games, scheduled to release 11 years after the release of the original game on Playstation 2.

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