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The Division Underground Expansion Coming Later This Month

The Division Underground expansion is coming our way with loads of new content and missions. Ubisoft is yet to mention a release date but it seems Amazon has an idea when it would release.

The listing for Underground on Amazon revealed that the expansion is coming to Microsoft’s XBOX One on June 28. It was also mentioned that this expansion will preload on June 25.

Amazon UK and Germany seems to have removed the listing entirely but we were able to grab a screenshot before its removal.


Microsoft has a 30 day exclusivity deal with Ubisoft so users on PC and PlayStation 4 will have to wait till July to play The Division Underground DLC.

The Division’s first major expansion should be revealed at E3 2016. Ubisoft is hosting a press event that would once again be hosted by Aisha Tyler. The company is taking over EA’s spot for E3, EA is hosting its on event and won’t be appearing at E3 2016.

During Ubisoft’s press event, we are hoping to see Watch Dogs 2, Ghost Recon Wildlands, For Honor, Eagle VR and a few unannounced IPs. Assassin’s Creed won’t be happening this year so no news should be expected from Ubisoft this E3.