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Dead Rising 4 Gameplay Images Leaked Before E3

After a few days of rumors about the possibility of Capcom making a new Dead Rising game for the first time since the Xbox One’s release, we may now finally have confirmation about the game through a trio of leaked Dead Rising 4 gameplay images.

The three Dead Rising 4 gameplay images aren’t much to look at: they consist of a small picture that appears to be cover art, what looks like a loading screen, and one picture of actual gameplay. The gameplay in question shows the protagonist (whose face is conveniently in shadow) standing out side a large building and a truck in what looks like the mountains.

Whether this is the central base location that so many other Dead Rising games have or just a location you can visit has yet to be revealed, or even if these in-progress Dead Rising 4 gameplay images are the Xbox exclusive that Capcom has promised Microsoft, remains to be seen.

Either way, even if the game doesn’t make an appearance at the Microsoft conference, it seems that there is indeed a Dead Rising 4 in production.

The last Dead Rising game, Dead Rising 3, came out in 2013 as a launch title for the Xbox One. It got positive reviews for its graphics, the number of zombies on screen, and the game’s co-op, and for Capcom making the game much more enjoyable than its harshly timed predecessors.

Since E3 2016 is only around a week away, we don’t have very long to wait until Capcom reveals that the Dead Rising 4 gameplay images were in fact genuine, or whatever they’re going to announce as their Xbox One game. However, considering how well-received Dead Rising 3 was, hopefully it will be Dead Rising 4 and people can once again get their fix of killing hundreds of zombies in some very creative ways.