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All E3 2016 Rumors and Predictions for Microsoft; Xbox Scorpio, Xbox One Mini, Tons of Games

There are tons of updates on E3 2016 but things that are keeping most of us busy these days are the rumors, predictions and speculations regarding what might and might not make it to the show floor, especially during the press briefs of Sony and Microsoft.

So here we are with a compilation of (almost) everything that is being said and done unofficially with regards to Microsoft at least, so that you can pick up the predictions and speculations that you want the most to come true – or even better, the ones that you think will really come true.

Microsoft E3 2016 Press Brief Rumors and Predictions

Xbox Scorpio:
Aimed at 5 to 6 TFLOPS with a new architecture, and with a partnership with Oculus to add VR solutions to it, this bad boy could really be the showstopper. Other rumors suggest Xbox Scorpio is going to be backwards compatible with all Xbox One games, but whether or not it will be at E3 2016 remains an open ended question,

Numerous reliable sources have reiterated the same rumors hinting that this is for real, and what’s more Microsoft itself has hinted at a new console.

Xbox One Slim:
Whether they call it Xbox One Mini or Xbox One Slim, something to the tunes of this is expected to be unveiled. Taking up only 60 percent the space that Xbox One does, this one will come out this fall – if the rumors are true. On that front, yes, there is a solid chance for this to hold water.

Set Top Box and Streaming Stick:
A $99 streaming stick and a $150 set top box to counter Chromecast and Apple TV together? Yes please! The rumor also has it that these solutions will support competing apps as well but sadly, not Xbox One and Xbox 360 games.

The reason why this could come true is that a similar rumor was heard of at the time of the Xbox One launch – but it didn’t materialize.

New Xbox One Controller:
Not so much as a new controler, this is expected to be a minor revision that does not change the design drastically. The same guy who claims that the aforementioned rumors are true, Brad Sams, says this is coming. Since Microsoft appears to be in the mood of changing things up, with the new consoles and hte Elite Controller, this might as well be true.

Better PC Support:
More of a speculation based on what the company has been trying to achieve lately, we are all but sure they will bring up solutions to ensure that more of the same content is released for Xbox One and Windows 10 both. Halo 6 comes to my mind.


Set in Australia, Forza Horizon 3 could get announced; the part about the game being set in Australia and about being a Horizon entry is the unconfirmed rumor, a Forza game is doing to be unveiled for sure as Microsoft itself confirmed this.

A New Online Zombies Based Game, whether it is Dead Rising 4, State of Decay 2, or DayZ, is expected to be revealed at E3 2016 – and it is about time for these franchises too.

Want a new Battletoads game? It could be a reality, with some level of involvement from Rare, though we don’t expect it to be a full price title.

Age of Empires (OMG yes please!) might make a return with a new title. Microsoft has shown interest in the franchise and the real time strategy genre and also opened a studio in Redmond specially for the RTS genre.

Last but not the least it could get revealed that the much hyped Sea of Thieves is basically an MMO, something based on predictions and rumors brewing in the dark and dingy corners of the gaming community.

We are sure to have missed something! Got some more rumors, speculations and/or predictions for E3 2016? Let us know in the comments section below.