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Fallout 4 PC Mods Being Uploaded By Xbox One Modders As their Own

Bethesda apparently took down the walls between PC and Xbox One by releasing mod support for the Fallout 4 mods on Xbox One. However, it took a little more time then expected, but the this move made by Bethesda seem to be the right one. Except, there is one problem that some of Xbox One users are uploading Fallout 4 PC mods for Xbox One as their own.

The issue was highlighted by a PC gamers on Reddit, who claim that the Fallout 4 PC mods that were not yet finished and were broken that could cause save files to corrupt, were downloaded by Xbox modders, packaged them together and uploaded them as their own.

The Xbox modder how stole the mod is response blamed the creator of the mod, and said that he uploaded the mod for his own use, and ignored the fact that this mod could break anyone’s save files who would have used this mod. He also claimed that the creator of the mod is a PC Elitist.

It is a statement against his classicism and elitist mindset. He’s a troll and a garbage person who made good content, so in retaliation, I shared it with the console gamers he hates so much. This was always about supporting my fellow console gamers, never about taking credit for something that was mine.

In a reply to this response the original creator of the mod uploaded a 25 minute long video on Youtube. In the video he expressed his thoughts on the issue and generally the whole video is nothing more then a rant.

As for Bethesda, head of PR has responded on the issue in a tweet that report these mods and the issue will be addressed, regardless which platform they are on.

The release of Fallout 4 mods on Xbox One have been a huge hit, with Bethesda claiming that Xbox One has 50 times more traffic compared to PC when mod support was lunched.