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Bethesda Releases Trailer For Doom SnapMap Mode

Bethesda has released a trailer to promote the upcoming Doom SnapMap mode, a way that players can create their own custom maps and share them online with their friends or the rest of the internet in general.

While there’s no definite release date for the mode, Bethesda has released a trailer that shows us a lot of what we can do with it when it does release. The mode was first revealed at E3 2015.

SnapMap looks basically like Doom’s version of Halo’s Forge mode, but with its own personal twist: you can either make multiplayer maps for it to kill your friends on, or you can make a map where you make your way through your own custom level of story mode.

You can place enemies, obstacles, and more wherever you want them, simply snapping segments of level together to make whole maps. Players can even alter the game logic, place triggers and events, and more to change how the game reacts to situations.

The possibilities in the Doom SnapMap mode are nearly endless: the trailer shows an interesting one, where, according to a text blurb at the start, “memory, not strength, is the key.”

Quiz questions take place from time to time, such as counting how many Imps there were in a room and two doors focused on whether you think the question is wrong or right. One would assume that choosing correctly would lead to ammunition and health, while choosing wrong would lead you to a fight.

Players will also be able to test their creation, whether in a segment or on the entire map, to see if everything is working properly.

Again, there’s no telling when the Doom SnapMap mode will come out, so in the meantime why not play through the story again trying to get all of the collectibles, or take a crack at the game’s multiplayer?