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What’s Up With Nintendo NX? Even Some Developers Don’t Know!

What really is going on with Nintendo NX and its development? One day a developer claims that their game RISE: Race The Future is the first officially confirmed NX game, the second day we are told that the console has been delayed to include VR support in it.

Amidst all this, Nintendo itself has remained silent continuously, leaving the consumers, journalists and even many developers in the dark.

Nintendo is Keeping So Many Willing Developers in the Dark About Nintendo NX!

One would expect that people who are willing to develop games for the console would have dev kits in their hands and be developing titles for it, but there are so many studios that, despite being interested in working on a title for the Nintendo NX, are saying that they don’t know or that they are waiting like all of us.

For instance, Paul Yan, the associate creative director for Toys for Bob – Skylanders developers – says that even they have not been updated by Nintendo saying “we haven’t heard any news from Nintendo, so we don’t have any announcements.”

Similarly, the associate producer at Toys for Bob, Lou Studdert, joked that “I don’t know what [the NX] is. (Because Nintendo keeps a) very, very, very, very, very tight lid on everything.”

Mark Stanley, vice president of GameStop subsidiary GameTrust, which is publishing Ready At Dawn’s Deformers, says Nintendo is probably still figuring out what content they want on Nintendo NX which is why they are so quiet:

Since they announced the NX officially, they’ve been kind of wrangling a lot of the inquiries… and, from my perspective, it seems like they’re trying to get their hands around what type of they content they want to have for their launch window.

Even the cofounder of Ready at Dawn, Ru Weerasuriya, says they are not even keeping Nintendo NX in the day one plan of Deformers because Nintendo is keeping them waiting:

The day one plan [for Deformers] is to launch on Xbox [One], PlayStation 4, and PC… What about NX? That’s the thing. Honestly, we are waiting.

Whether the Nintendo NX revenues will be huge enough to touch GameStop’s prediction of $7.5 billion or not, whether it comes with Custom Polaris, No HDD, 12GB LPDDR4, A72 @1.6GHz, or not. We are really yearning to hear the official word on this one from Nintendo.