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Rumor: Dead Rising 4 to Be At E3, “Will Make Fans Of The Franchise Happy”

Following the rumor that Dead Rising 4 is in development at Capcom, the same insider has revealed some pretty interesting information. The rumor comes from a twitter account “Ekim.” The tweet states that Dead Rising 4 will be revealed at E3, and will make fans of the series very happy.

No further details were given by Ekim, and it’s up to our interpretation of his words: “will make fans of the series very happy” to figure out what he meant. It could be an indication towards the return of the first Dead Rising protagonist, or the return of the game to the shopping mall setting.

Beyond maintaining the core elements of the franchise, I don’t see anything else the insider was referring to making fans happy. However, surely devs will overcome the shortcomings of Dead Rising 3.

Now the main question that pop ups in my mind after reading the tweet is that, how Capcom is going to unveil Dead Rising 4 at E3, since Capcom does not have an E3 press conference this year. Maybe the game will be released with partnership with Microsoft or Sony or could be both.

However, it is most likely that during  Microsoft’s E3 conference, the reveal of Dead Rising 4 at E3 will take place, given the history of Dead Rising franchise and Microsoft. But we can’t rule out the possibility of the game releasing on PlayStation 4 as well, considering the previous game wasn’t the biggest of hits on Xbox One.

By the way, these are just speculation at this time because these are just rumors and the existence of Dead Rising 4 has not been confirmed yet.

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