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Pokemon Sun and Moon Videos Show More of Legendary Pokemon, Trainers, Professor and Rotom Pokedex

Pokemon Sun and Moon gameplay, Alola region, Legendary Pokemon and characters were shown via brief Pokemon Sun and Moon videos by The Pokemon Company.

The video below shows the protagonist from Pokemon Sun and Moon. Keep in mind that for the time ever a Pokemon game is going to feature a proper black character. You can forge your own character via the customization screen that allows darker skin tones. Below is just one example of a character you can use:

Professor Kukui is another major part of Pokemon Sun and Moon. At the beginning of the Pokemon Sun and Moon gameplay trailer we saw our trainer meeting up with Kukui, we speculate that this person is the Professor Oak of Sun and Moon. He greets us and welcomes the trainer, his cousin, to Alola region; showing him around.

Here’s a look at Lillie, Hau, two Legendary Pokemon from Pokemon Sun and Moon

Pokemon Sun and Moon Legendaries are named Solgaleo and Lunaala. Their special abilities were detailed recently, creators showed the special ability of Solgaleo which is a Full Metal Body, a rather self explanatory ability which is perfectly in line with the style of Pokemon games.

Meanwhile, Lunaala has a Psychic-Ghost type Pokemon with Shadow Shield ability. We aren’t really sure about this one as not much is known about it for the time being. However, we do have some idea though.

Pokemon Sun and Moon is all the rage right now, its Starter Pokemon were discussed extensivetly throughout the internet. In fact, a poll held by Nintendo America revealed that most popular and most disliked starter Pokemon from Pokemon Sun and Moon.

In Pokemon Sun and Moon, we will be exploring the Alola region. Alola regions itself, seems to inspired from the tropics of Hawaii, featuring palm trees, greenery, plenty of oceans and small rivers; the map is pretty big and consists of different Islands.

Pokemon Sun and Moon will release for 3DS.