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League of Legends Dev Riot Games Ask R$100,000 in Damages From paiN Gaming

After a round of legal fights between paiN Gaming and Riot Games, the developer of League of Legends, the latter has filed for a counter lawsuit against paiN Gaming, asking for damages to the tunes of $30K in lieu of alleged “damage to its image and reputation” in the industry and the Brazilian market at large.

The whole ordeal started when Riot Games was accused of punishing paiN Gaming without proof in the aftermath of an eSports match. Following this, paiN Gaming has claimed that they were not given ample right to self defense and also that Riot Games favored their opponents team, INTZ, unlawfully.

In the weeks that followed the owner of paiN Gaming, Arthur “Paada” Zarzur, had also given an interview with ESPN in which he blamed Riot to be the “jury, judge, executioner and INTZ’s lawyer” all by itself.

Referring to that interview and other related incidents, the developer of League of Legends has asked for R$100,000 in damages alleging that Arthur “gave, to say the least, misguided information, affirming that Riot Games acted in an arbitrary manner, in order to benefit INTZ to the detriment of paiN Gaming without giving them chance to defend themselves.”

Such infraction has generated several negative effects for Riot Games and to the pro teams, coming directly from the secret information leak [which] generated a torrent of calls to Riot Games from several players from other teams wishing to understand the details of the leaked contract in order to discuss/re-negotiate commercial terms with their own teams [causing harm to the company’s] image to the other teams, players and fans.

We will be covering the lawsuit between Riot Games and paiN Gaming in depth, so keep a track of our stories.