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EA’s Motive Studio Hires 65 People, Teases Star Wars Game, New Game

EA’s Motive Studio was established back in 2015, opened by EA and with EA employee Jade Raymond at the helm. While the studio has been relatively quiet since its founding, now Raymond has revealed that the studio has hired 65 people, and is working on a Star Wars game.

EA’s last Star Wars game, Battlefront, got a lot of good reviews, despite its lack of content and a variety of other unpopular decisions such as the lack of space battles (which the game’s Fighter Squadron mode failed to live up to), not to mention only having four planets for maps.

Considering that Battlefront is being developed by DICE, however, there’s no telling what EA’s Motive Studio will be developing. In recent memory, there’s only one Star Wars game that could be developed that people would look forward to: Star Wars 1313.

1313 was a Star Wars game that was announced while Lucasarts was still around, but unfortunately it was revealed just before the Star Wars franchise and all of the corporations under it were all bought by Disney. A few months later, Disney sent the old, established EU into the sun in order to make the sequel trilogy of movies.

1313 would have focused on a young Boba Fett going into the seedy underbelly of the planet Coruscant, with the game taking place in the eponymous layer of the planet’s cityscape.

However, whether or not EA’s Motive Studio is developing 1313, Jade Raymond also teased a new IP that the studio was working on. Not only that, but she also teased that EA Visceral, under Amy Hennig, is also working on another story-oriented Star Wars game.

We don’t have any idea as to when either of these two new Star Wars games will be announced, or even coming out, but hopefully EA has learned its lesson from Battlefront and will stop themselves from meddling in development in order to make a cash-grab in time for the next movie.