13 Secrets and Hidden Details in Pokemon Sun and Moon Alola Map

Yesterday, the complete Pokemon Sun and Moon Alola map was revealed yesterday by the Pokemon Company alongside gameplay, abilities and moves of the two Legendaries i.e. Solgaleo and Lunaala. However, there was more to the info dump than what met the eye.

We have picked up a number of those hidden details and secrets of the map including different locations, probable routes, and gyms.

Make sure you are referring to the maps provided since otherwise it might get confusing what we are talking about.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Alola Map – Island One

Pokemon Sun and Moon ALola Map - Island One

To start off, if you check the first island we were shown and zoom in on the village where it all starts, you will see a path leading into the jungle – not something you’d want to try out right after starting the game, though.

As the trailer showed the character taking to the beach on the southern side near the crater, you would probably head that way in the initial stages when the game starts.

There is another thing we have noticed, the crater on the south has a grass patch on it but no path leading to it. Could this mean that the ability to Soar is going to return from the last twin games? How else could we get up there, and if we aren’t going to, why add a patch of grass there?

Pokemon Sun and Moon Alola Map – Island Two

Pokemon Sun and Moon ALola Map - Island Two

You can also see a blue dock on the last island which might take you to the next island on the right side of this one… using boats, to another blue dock.

Behind the forests near this dock there is a clearing that could be the Safari Zone though we don’t see how that would fit in the adventure.

This island could also have a Pokemon graveyard on the lower side where you can see four grey dots in the town that looks the most Japanese on the map, in a small patch of grass next to a building – bring on the creeps! This place also has a lighthouse, which could be a Gym.

The same island is also hinting that Contests could be making a return with the Pokemon Sun and Moon Alola map. There is a lively colored big blue building in the town to the right that really looks like a Contest Hall.

There is a burning lava volcano behind this town and a similar small island adjacent to it; mark this place for Fire Pokemon, people. On the western side of this volcano is what looks like a farmhouse, but there is a Pokemon Center there suggesting it could also be a Gym.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Alola Map – Island Three

Pokemon Sun and Moon ALola Map - Island Two

Next is the island to the south of the one with a volcano, this one has a huge mountain in the middle.

There are badlands to the south of the blue dock on this island, which we expect to be important story wise for the antagonists since it appears to have a Power Plant. Expect electric Pokemon here.

The giant mountain in the Pokemon Sun and Moon Alola map also has an elevator with a platform to take you to the top, where across the snow is an OBservatory resembling a real observatory that is located in that place in real world. We expect the evil team to have something to do with this.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Alola Map – Island Four

Pokemon Sun and Moon ALola Map - Island Four

Moving on to the last island on the Pokemon Sun and Moon Alola map, we found that this one has no blue dock! This means the game will send you back to the first island with the crater and make you surf to this one as it is the closest to it.

Here, we expect you to confront a Legendary Pokemon. It apparently has no inhabitants except for the docks, the solitary Pokemon center and two small buildings with the docks. The only thing visible in the rest of the island are ruins of an old civilization.

There is a canyon on the west leading to a very high platform, which is where Solgaleo and Lunaala were originally shown off.

Lastly, the man-made island in the middle appears to be where Pokemon League is going to be located. Could the large building be Victory Road?

While that is all we have for you, check out more about Pokemon Sun and Moon Alola map and other features on our website and tell us what you think.

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