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The Division Server Maintenance Today, Clear Sky Challenge Mode Added

Ubisoft is conducting The Division server maintenance today, and the server downtime is going to be longer this time, which is expected to be five hours.

Given the time Ubisoft is taking for The Division server maintenance, it seems that there will be some fixes for the online service of the game. However, no specific details were released by Ubisoft.

Once the servers come online Ubisoft has announced that challenge mode for the Clear Sky incursion will be added to the game. Clear Sky is the most recent incursion added to The Division, which came with update 1.2.

The Clear Sky incursion is more of a straight forward mission, and players will be facing off against the  Rikers. The  Rikers are a gang of prison inmates that have taken over the place vacated by Last Man Battalion.

Ubisoft made the announcement on Ubisoft forums, and maintenance will start at 08:00 AM CEST / 02:00 AM EDT / 11:00 PM PDT(June 1st). As what changes will be brought, Ubisoft did not specified.

May was almost a big month for Ubisoft, as they released its major free update for The Division, which included incursion, new PvE content, changes to the loot system and more.

However, the update did not go as Ubisoft had planned, as the update caused a lot of player’s characters to disappear.

While The Division is not having a good time being a game, maybe things will change for The Division Movie. According to a report Ubisoft Motion Pictures is looking for a writer for The Division movie, and the leading man for the movie is none other than Jake Gyllenhaal.

Jake Gyllenhaal will not only star in the movie, but he will also produce the movie. For now there are not much details about the project, but it seems like a done deal.