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Pokemon Sun and Moon Alola Region Full Map Revealed

The Pokemon Company almost broke the internet with the second update on the upcoming Pokemon games, and if you didn’t notice, the full map of Pokemon Sun and Moon Alola region has also been revealed.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Alola Region Full Map is Here!

It has been previously speculated that since the game’s world is based off of the Hawaii Islands, there should essentially be eight islands on the map (since the real life archipelago has eight).

However, from what we can see, there are only four major islands coupled with some small chunks of land we might venture out to find wild Pokemon.

There also is an enclosure in the middle of the four islands that we will talk in depth about later. The singular island that we were shown in the first reveal is second in the map among the bigger islands while counting from the left. You can clearly recognize it with the crater that resembles a real crater that Oahu has.

We have shared the image of the first island that the developers shared in the featured image on top of the story so that you can compare it with the full map of the world below.

What really excites me about the full map of Pokemon Sun and Moon Alola region, though, is the biggest island that we have on the extreme left. Can you see that big mountain in the middle with snow on top? It’s literally up in the clouds!

Pokemon Sun and Moon Alola Region Full Map

In parallel news, we have also had strong predictions that the large water area on the Pokemon Sun and Moon Alola region map suggests the games might bring back Seagallop Ferries for travelling between the islands.

The fact that each of the four islands you can see above have at least something resembling a port suggests we will have other options than just Surf.

Did you pick up something that we didn’t in the map above? Let us know in the comments section below.