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This Overwatch Player Reached Level 100 in Only Seven Days!

We know that the Overwatch competitive play mode is something everyone is waiting for, but have you wondered how many hard to get players are going to be there around you? For instance, there is this guy who managed to touch level 100 in just the first seven days of the game’s release!

Don’t believe us? Check below for the proofs that he has given us. The guy’s name is Fender Zikel and he has been really busy levelling up – wonder how many hours did he give the game per day.

After having achieved the milestone so soon, he took to Reddit with an AMA session to let everyone know – he has got the bragging rights after all. Here’s what he has to say about it:

Good morning America, just wanted to make an AMA of my journey to lvl 100 in Overwatch. Countless hours into the night I’ve had but the viewers on my stream kept me going forward along with a few competitions to the race ha! BUT to the point. As of today, Tuesday May 31st at 08:44 A.M. Central I’ve reached lvl 100 and [I am] willing to answer any questions you’ve got for the next 24 hours.

The morning of May 31 means it took him just seven days in which he spent a total of 92 hours playing the game. That is 13 hours a day!

Overwatch level 100 player

Here’s something interesting that we found about his time playing the game: when someone joked is your brain still working, he said “gotta say though a few nights I didn’t realize I was still playing and was on auto pilot for most of the games.”

That. Is. Insane.