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Nintendo NX Launch Delayed for VR? Mass Production Starts At End of 2016

GameStop says that Nintendo NX is going to be huge with a potential to rake in as much as $7.5 billion in revenue, but new insider details on the Nintendo NX launch and production suggest a different story. It looks like the console will still be in mass production when this year ends, and that too, with a target of only 10 million units!

According to reports from insiders who claim to be in the know, Nintendo has pushed back the mass production of some of the key components of the console which were going to be produced by Foxconn Electronics (Hon Hai Precision Industry) – to which the insider apparently belongs; effectively pushing back the original launch plans as well.

Nintendo NX Launch is in 2017 with VR; Mass Production for a Smaller Order to Start by Year End

The leak is that Nintendo NX is now going to have a Virtual Reality (VR) function, something they wish to include seeing the changing competition in the gaming industry – and something we told you four months ago!

Foxconn was originally contracted by Nintendo to develop the mold over six months ago with a targeted Nintendo NX launch of mid-2016, however it now looks like the plans have changed and the launch has been pushed back.

The components in question are now going to go in mass production by the end of this year suggesting that the Nintendo NX will not launch anywhere before March 2017.

That is not all, the sales forecasts of Nintendo have also been changed – cut to half actually. The source claims that while originally Nintendo wanted 20 million units for the first year, now they have flexed the budget to 9.5-10 million shipments only.

Naturally, they are expecting the sales to be even less than that, amidst all the concerns of a shrinking video game console market.

Last but not the least, the source has also outlined the design of the console, explaining that it is focused at a mashup between mobile gaming and core gaming. The console comes with a 5-7 inch screen, a controller as well as a joystick. You will be able to connect a display to it and play, and now it will also have a VR solution.

Don’t expect Nintendo NX launch to fall anywhere before March 2017 – which is something we have already predicted.

Thanks, DigiTimes.