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Halo Legendary Loot Crate Gives Halo Fans Tons of Swag

If you’re a fan of Halo, you’re likely familiar with the massive expanded universe that’s been growing up around it for years. Now, Loot Crate and 343 Industries are combining to create a Halo Legendary Loot Crate, filled with all kinds of cool stuff.

Starting with Eric Nylund’s “Fall of Reach” novel back in 2001 when Halo: Combat Evolved came out, the Halo series has had a wide variety of books, comics, and spin-off video games written about it.

It’s even had two live-action miniseries: Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn, which came out during the lead-up to Halo 4 and focused on Captain Lasky as he went through military school, and Halo: Nightfall, which focused on Jameson Locke, who would later become a major character in Halo 5: Guardians.

Now the Halo Legendary Loot Crate has come out to join the franchise. Loot Crate is a company that, if you subscribe to them, will send you a special loot crate every month filled with a variety of cool stuff going by the theme of the crates for that month, all for a small monthly fee. This is nothing new, either, as Loot Crate has previously gotten into the Fallout 4 hype train back when the game first came out.

While we have no idea of what will be in the Halo Legendary Loot Crate when they start to get sent out, every crate from Loot Crate before it has come out with a bunch of cool little knick-knacks from a variety of fiction genres ranging from superheroes to science fiction and more. We can probably expect more of that in the Halo crate.

According to the Loot Crate website, the crate will contain exclusive Halo-themed gear, 5-7 items that includes a new figure line made exclusively for the crate, and themes that are based on some of the biggest moments in Halo.

The Halo Legendary loot crate, when it comes out, will be available every two months for $34.99, plus $5 shipping and handling. The first crate will be coming out in mid-August, so if you’re looking to get into Loot Crate now, there’s no better time to head on over to to subscribe and see what’s inside.