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The Division Movie is Real, Stars Jake Gyllenhaal; Ubisoft is Looking for a Writer!

Tom Clancy’s The Division might not be having the best time as a game – what with all those downtimes and characters going AWOL after patches that were supposed to make the game better. However, Ubisoft might actually pull of a good one with The Division Movie!

Which, by the way, appears to be real, and headed by none other than Jake Gyllenhaal!

According to an insider who has recently shared the tip, Ubisoft Motion Pictures is at the helm of the project. For those who don’t know, that is the movie division of Ubisoft.

Don’t expect to see trailers and all that right away, though. Ubisoft is apparently still looking for a writer they can trust with the story of The Division Movie.

Although Ubisoft itself has not commented on the matter yet, the sources in question are confident of the legitimacy of it. Moreover, the details being shared have come from Variety, a highly reputed entertainment trade magazine and website.

That is not all, the movie itself is also going to be produced by Jake Gyllenhaal himself. We are not sure who else is going to star in it, but apparently they are looking to close the deal with at least one more star alongside Gyllenhaal after which they will take the project to a studio and finalize things.

It looks like the thinning player base of the game has urged the developers to hit it up with The Division Movie so that things can get hyped up once more. It is, after all, their fastest selling IP!