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The Division 1.05 Update Fixes Double UI Problem on Xbox One

Last month, a bug came up in the Division update that caused a double UI bug on the game’s heads-up display, causing overlap. While Ubisoft had fixed the bug on the PC and the Playstation 4, it hadn’t gotten around to fixing the same bug on the Xbox One. Now, with The Division 1.05 Update coming to the Xbox One, the bug has been fixed. The Playstation 4 bug was fixed yesterday with a patch on it.

The double UI bug was the most recent bug that had come up in The Division, which seems unable to go a single update without a major bug happening in some form. While some of these, such as an exploit in the High Value Target and Search and Destroy modes, can actually help players, other bugs such as the Double UI bug have had issues.

Ubisoft does claim that the patch is live on the Xbox One right now, so in order to download the Division 1.05 update you just have to quit the game, then restart it and allow the update. The Xbox One version of the update is actually smaller than the Playstation 4 version, being 2.8
gigabytes compared to the 4.5 gigabytes of the Playstation 4 version.

However, it still remains to be seen whether or not the Division 1.05 update might cause even more bugs, considering that last week the PC patch for the double UI bug came after Ubisoft had to shut down the servers for the game three different times to fix other bugs.

Unfortunately for The Division, the double UI bug isn’t the only one that players are dealing with. Ubisoft has published a whole list of bugs that still remain unfixed in the game, though right now they’re doing their best to deal with them.

If the double UI bug was all that was bothering you, feel free to go back and start playing The Division again. If you’re still having trouble with something else, check out the list here, and maybe go off and play something else until you think the bug has been fixed.