A Look At Pokemon Sun and Moon Legendaries ‘Solgaleo and Lunaala Special Abilities and Moves

Check out the video the above, which features the first ever Legendary Pokemon that have been revealed for the new twin games, the first one is called Solgaleo, a Psychic-Steel type Pokemon that looks a lot like a roaring lion in the image that has been shared in the new Pokemon Sun and Moon video by The Pokemon Company.

The special ability of Solgaleo has also been revealed in the new update, it is Full Metal Body, a rather self explanatory ability which is perfectly in line with the style of Pokemon games.

In the second official Pokemon Sun and Moon video, developer Game Freak has also shown the Legendary Pokemon Solgaleo in action against Salamence donning its special ability Intimidate.

The battle starts and Solgaleo hits with its massive Sunsteel Strike move resulting in Salamence fainting.

Moving on, we also get to see Lunaala, a Psychic-Ghost type Pokemon with Shadow Shield ability. Not sure how much you like it, but Lunaala does look pretty impressive with that winged body. Lunaala also looks empowering when it strikes a Gengar with its Moongiest Beam move.

Later in the video you also get to see Alola region in its full size – for the first time ever. A lot of speculations have been made about it – how big is it, will there be Seagallops and how dense will the wild Pokemon be in the island shown.

So guys, let me clarify any worries you have (although you shouldn’t have expected the game’s map to be so small in the first place), there indeed are other islands which, while not appearing to be eight in number, are going to give you a very expansive world.

The Pokemon Sun and Moon video above has images of the map of Alola featuring other islands too – it does look like the Hawaiian archipelago after all.

Moving on, we also get to see some characters that are going to be available. The names that have been revealed are Professor Kuikui, Lillie (Kuikui’s assistant), and your friend Hau.

After you have been introduced to the Legendary Pokemon, the full map of Alola, as well as the characters, the trailer ends with revealing that a new Rotom has been added to the Pokedex. The developers have explained what this means:

It is the next generation of Pokedexes, but it is only complete once Rotom has gone into this body specially developed for it (showing the body on screen). A whole new way for people and Pokemon to communicate. Woo!

Check back with us for more updates on the game in a while.