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7 Million Overwatch Players Have Played 119 Million Hours

While the Overwatch beta was definitely a thing to be impressed by, Overwatch players now that the game has come out have come very close to that same number of players within a week. And this is just in the first week, and there’s no telling what all Blizzard will do to support its newest IP in the coming years.

With the beta attracting over nine million players that each clocked in 4.9 billion minutes, 7 million Overwatch players clocked in 119 million hours combined now that the game is finally out. Though the gap between beta players and post-release players may seem disheartening, the beta was free for everyone, while people that want to play Overwatch must pay 40 dollars for the full game.

Even with a game as well-loved as Overwatch can still have people looking doubtfully at their wallets.

All the same, that’s not to say Overwatch isn’t popular; Tumblr and other areas of the Internet have been flooded with Overwatch art, ranging from a recent photoset of why Reaper has shotgun shells in bandoliers if he just throws away his guns, to how Reinhardt gets up stairs since he’s so old (and it’s not safe for senior citizens to go up stairs.)

Overwatch players can thankfully look forward to a lot of new updates for the game as Blizzard continues to roll out support for the game. A new hero, named Liao, might even be in the works as a new hero (though we know nothing about them yet aside from apparently being one of the old Overwatch’s best members.)

Either way Overwatch players can probably look forward to a steady stream of content much like Blizzard’s free-to-play collectible card game Hearthstone, which recently released its “Whispers of the Old Gods” expansion. If Overwatch has the same sort of support going for it, we’ll probably see Overwatch continuing for a long time to come.