Watch This Eerie Real Half-Life 2 Drone Flying Around a City

Remember the iconic City Scanner that we got in Half-Life 2? Of course you do. Anyhow, what if we told you that the Half-Life 2 drone had come to real world thanks to a guy addicted to the game, probably.

The person in question has completed developing it and shared a video that shows the drone flying around – and boy does it look eerie or what!

There is a Real and Eerie Half-Life 2 Drone aka City Scanner

The guy who has made this thing a reality has also explained a number of things about his process as well as the dimensions of the City Scanner. It is made of carbon fibre, by the way:

Made from scratch in a life-size copy of the drone City Scanner of computer game Half-Life 2. The length is 80 cm, and height 55 cm. The base frame for quadcopters scheme is made of carbon fiber Profile 15X15 mm frame size 39 cm. Flight time 11 minutes.

Moving on, the guy says that he has tested it for two months in smaller places and as of now, he has been able to make it fly smooth all the time though lesser wind allows it to go even better.

If you have seen the Half-Life 2 drone in the game aka the City Scanner, you will notice that the flash is different. This is because the one this thing had got burned and has to be replaced.

Here are the key materials that this guy has used while making the City Scanner:

  • Carbon fiber (carbon)
  • Expanded polystyrene,
  • Flight Controller DJI Naza-M Lite without gps
  • Motors AX-2810Q-750KV Brushless Quadcopter Motor
  • Afro ESC 30Amp
  • Three-bladed screws 9″
  • Battery: 3300mAh 4S 30C

Would you like to own a real life Half-Life 2 drone like this one? I would love to!