VOY: Rage Like Apes On No Man’s Sky Delay; Warcraft Movie Slightly Less Mediocre?

Here we are with another episode of our Videogames of Yesterdaymorrow! The only show that you need to watch for your daily load of gaming news, and the only one that is saner than how some fans reacted to the No Man’s Sky delay.

Our guy, who is calling himself Richard Lyndon Kennedy these days, has aptly described in the video above, how the monkeys in Planet of the Apes need to learn a thing or two from the people who threatened Hello Games developers with their lives.

Moving on from the No Man’s Sky delay, we have got the Console Cold War, which is our equivalent of the Cold War between US and Soviets back in the last century – these guys should have learned a thing or two from the fanboys too!

Rest of the episode covers the big day of Payday franchise as we say goodbye to microtransactions and start salivating on the thoughts of Payday 3, the secretive Nintendo NX, as well as the journey from mediocre to slightly less mediocre with the Warcraft Movie.

Check it out above, and tell us if you’d want more of garbage like this, a lot more of garbage like this, or shitloads of garbage like this.