Telltale Announces Telltale Games on the Windows Store

Famous episodic games masters Telltale Games have announced that they’ll be putting all of their Telltale games on the Windows Store, starting with Minecraft Story Mode. While Telltale has previously put all of their games on Steam, this may be the start of them branching out to new markets and people that don’t have Steam on their computers.

Telltale, who first exploded into the mainstream of video games by putting out an episodic video game of the hit comic and TV series The Walking Dead, has come up with numerous other games based on various hit series. These include Sam and Max, Game of Thrones, The Wolf Among Us (based on the “Fables” comic book), The Walking Dead, and Tales from the Borderlands.

The switching began with Minecraft Story Mode as Telltale developers converted the game to Universal Windows Platform in order to put it on the PC. It took the two developers working on the game only three months to be able to put Minecraft Story Mode into the proper format to get into the store, so we should be seeing some more Telltale games on the Windows Store soon.

The rest of the Telltale catalog should be arriving within the year, and will be available to play on Windows PCs and Windows tablets that have x86 processors. Work has also begun on porting the games to make them run on Windows smartphones and ARM processors in general.

Hopefully, during this port, however, Telltale games on the Windows Store will run better than they have; a number of criticisms leveled against Telltale are that their games are filled with glitches, such as audio cutting out, textures not loading in properly, and more.

Either way hopefully the porting to the Windows store will go over smoothly, and soon people that don’t have Steam will be able to enjoy some episodic masterpieces.