Overwatch is Down; Players Reporting Being Unable To Login As Blizzard Takes Notice

Amidst all the good things like Liao being a new character in the game, and the impressively flourishing Overwatch porn market, we have somebad news for those of you who are trying to play the game right now: Overwatch is down.

A number of complaints have been received by Blizzard Entertainment through the official forums as well as the Blizzard Customer Support Twitter account where people have even uploaded screengrabs of the error messages they are getting.

Overwatch is Down?

Since the past couple of hours, users say they are unable to login to Battle.net, something that might also be affecting other games – we’ll investigate this further.

As a result, Blizzard Entertainment has acknowledged that there is something wrong with the game’s connectivity, and also promised that they are working on a fix for this. Here’s the tweet in question.

Some of the people that have gotten a blue screen error telling them that they have been unable to login to Battle.net have also shared screengrabs.