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Overwatch Competitive Mode Has Been Delayed to End of July

We recently told you how actively the developers of Overwatch are working on future patches for the game, however, it seems that keeping up with stuff on the game’s current shape is already sptretching Blizzard because the Overwatch competitive mode is not going to come out anytime before the second half of July!

That is nearly two months from now! However the lack of a competitive aspect in the game was something a number of fans felt, which is why one of them took to Twitter to ask the developers what was going on.

The question was posted to the official Twitter profile of the game, where it got a quick reply from Blizzard Entertainment. Here is the tweet in question.

So yes, it looks like the developers are working on the game’s competitive seasons, but they need more time. Looking at how Blizzard Entertainment had impressed about 10 million fans even before the game released, it sounds like a good idea to wait for this one.

We say that because it is always better to play something that has been done right as compared to something that was rushed because the community couldn’t wait or because the publishers got greedy.

With the Overwatch competitive mode, we do not want to be disappointed since the community is so huge it has the potential to become one of the long standing and long lasting IPs of Blizzard.

Keep checking back with us for more on Overwatch competitive mode!