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Overwatch Bans: Cheaters are Getting Kicked Out NOW with Account Closure Emails

Blizzard Entertainment had recently touched on the subject of Overwatch bans, clearly stating that anyone found in the breach of their anti-cheat and anti-hack policy would get the ban hammer permanently.

However, it looks like that was not enough to stop the cheaters and hackers from doing what they were previously doing to ruin the game for others – has it ever been enough?

Of course it hasn’t and we have even reported on Overwatch hacks being sold commercially for bundles of $30, $60 and even $90 – legit or not, these hacking bundles were purchased by hundreds of people, and that says a lot about the rampant disease we know as cheating.

Overwatch Bans Have Started Today; Account Closure Emails Going Out

Blizzard Entertainment has finally started dishing out permanent bans to account holders who didn’t stop cheating. Messages have been sent out to players across the globe today, informing them that their account has been closed for using “unauthorized cheat programs.”

Overwatch Bans hacks cheaters

The email, as you can see, uses a very clear wording to explain exactly what they are regarding as illegal. They mention unauthorized programs aimed at cheating aka hacks and also explain that this is so because the “intended player experience” is harmed by them.

Previously, the developers have also explained how the community can help in the process of Overwatch bans and ridding the game of cheaters:

If you believe another player is cheating or you have information pertaining to the use of hacks, bots, or unauthorized third-party software in Overwatch, please contact us at

In addition, by popular request, we will also be including an option to report players for potential cheating directly through the game client. This option will be available at launch and can be accessed through the normal right click > “Report” menu.

It would really be a good idea to beware of what you are using and what is allowed in order to avoid getting perma banned.