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New Atari Hardware Is On The Way, But No Consoles

The Atari consoles were one of the early juggernauts in video gaming history, with a lot of classic games getting their start there or making their way into entertainment history.

Now, Atari has decided to make a comeback, and have announced that new Atari hardware is on the way. It will not, however, be a console.

Instead, the new Atari hardware will be connected smart home devices, and will most likely not be used to play video games. Instead these gadgets will be divided into various categories like safety, pets, lifestyle, and and home. Each one will have a different function, and will be powered by the same kind of technology behind Internet of Things, a system of interconnected devices that all share data.

All of this new Atari hardware will be possible through the new partnership that Atari has with the company Sigfox. Sigfox builds wireless networks to connect devices together, which Atari might need for its new toys.

Atari intends to put out its new Atari hardware on both the consumer market and in charity space. However, we’ve got no real idea of what these various little devices will be doing until Atari puts them out.

There are a wide variety of uses that they might be used for when they come out, judging by the categories that they’re going to be in. Ones in the pets category will likely help people to keep track of their pets (maybe like a GPS system or something that you can find them with if they get lost). Home ones may be things like the Amazon Echo, which you can control with your voice.

However, until all of this new Atari hardware is revealed, we’ll just have to wait and probably just guess until we see something come out of it.